Friday, July 10, 2015

Bringing the magic of Caux to India! The Caux Scholars Program successfully launched its pilot program at Asia Plateau, Panchgani, India, in December 2014. With 17 scholars from eleven different countries, the first CSP-AP class of 2014 examined fundamentals of conflict resolution, transformation, and peacebuilding, with an added bonus of examining it all through the lens of sustainable development.

We are accepting applications now for this year’s CSP-AP program which takes place from 20 December 2015 to 10 January 2016. Applications are due postmarked by September 1st, 2015!

Academic Co-Directors:

Dr. Gladston “Ashok” Xavier
Before heading the Department of Social Work at Loyola College in Chennai, India, one of the prestigious educational institutions in India, Dr. Xavier held the title of Dean of Arts Faculties for the college. Loyola College has always been among the top three colleges in India for more than a decade and is one of the eight colleges out of the 38000 to be awarded the status of College of Excellence by the Government of India. Dr. Xavier, an expert in the field of conflict, has worked extensively in South Asia providing trainings to people at the grass roots as well as at policy level. He has lectured widely in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Dr. Florina Benoit
As the Chief Zonal Officer at CASA, a National Level Humanitarian organization, Dr. Florina heads the south zone managing in five states. With Masters’ degrees in Social Work, Public administration and Peace building, and a doctorate in Social Work, Dr. Florina has conducted several workshops along with Dr. Gladston on peace building in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, USA, Australia, Iran, Kenya, Sweden, Netherlands, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia to name a few countries. Dr. Florina’s areas of expertise include training on trauma awareness and recovery, arts based approaches to peace building, sustainable development, strategic planning and management, restorative justice and working with community based organizations.

Both Dr. Florina and Dr. Gladston bring a unique combination of working at both grassroots level and with policy makers. As practitioners of peace building and as academics, they are able to integrate theory and praxis together in building a community of trainers and peace builders.

Program Overview:

The Caux Scholars Program-Asia Plateau (CSP-AP) is a three week peacebuilding and sustainable development institute for young leaders, aged 21-35. It invites youth leaders, community organizers, and scholars from different countries and cultural backgrounds to learn and experience the integration of sustainable development and peacebuilding. The coursework and extracurricular activities are designed around the themes of fundamentals of conflict and peace, trauma healing, human rights and gender, restorative justice, and non-violent action. In addition to theoretical approaches to conflict, peace and development, the program aims to develop practical skills in negotiation, building local capacity, applied theater in peacebuilding, community mobilization, and understanding cultures. CSP-AP aims to instill principled leadership by focusing on introspection and personal understanding, and interfaith and intercultural experiences. Our goal is to endow young people with a sophisticated multi-cultural and global perspective on peace and development--and to equip future leaders with the inspiration to be the change they want to see in the world and the practical skills to do so.

Program Details:

Cost  per scholar:   Rs . 60,000 (1000 USD) (tuition, meals and lodging)
Application Fee:     Rs 1000 (17 USD)
Application Deadline:   September 1, 2015

Contact:  Christie Shrestha, Program Manager

Scholars have to be responsible for: Airfare to/from India and securing Indian Visa