Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Chair of the Initiatives of Change (IofC) USA Board of Directors, H. Alexander Wise, Jr., announces the hiring of Jacob J. Hershman as Executive Director of IofC USA, effective April 18, 2016. In making the announcement, Wise issued the following statement on behalf of the Board,

Jake Hershman, Executive Director of Initiatives of Change, Inc.

"Jake is a provat both the senior level and the grassroots level in conflict and post-conflict environments.

He has experience in strategic planning and development work; program design, execution, and evaluation; and in leading teams, setting goals, and managing and reviewing performance.

We have been impressed with his servant leadership, authenticity, people skills, his ability to communicate and bridge cultures, his decision-making, and his record of raising funds and of developing partnerships with other organizations. We are confident of his ability to translate planning and strategy into effective programs, enduring impact, and sustainable growth.

We also believe Jake embraces IofC’s spiritual foundation. He understands our mandate to nurture a new generation of leaders. He is well connected in both Richmond and Washington, DC.

Hershman has a bachelor’s degree in History from Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond, VA, and a master’s degree in International Affairs, from George Washington University, in Washington, DC.

Long-time IofC National Director Rob Corcoran is pleased to have Jake as the new Executive Director and looks forward to working with him."

Wise added, “Our nation and world are at a critical point in history when peacebuilding, conflict transformation, and building partnerships across the divides of race, class, religion, and politics are much needed. For the future, IofC USA must build on our historical successes and address emerging challenges. Having someone of Jake Hershman’s caliber as the new Executive Director will ensure our ability to do both.”

2016-March 23 Press Release