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Tackling Extremism

09/02/2015 - 19:00 - 21:00

An international panel will discuss 'A rising global issue and the need for A CIVIL SOCIETY RESPONSE' on 9 February at SOAS, University of London.

Wings of Change Conference - Calgary

Calgary, Jan. 4, 2015--As a direct result of our October 3&4th, 2014 conference, four members of Initiatives of Change in Calgary were asked to share their stories of change at the “Wings of Change” Conference held in Calgary on Sunday, January 4th, 2015 organized by Dr. Frank Menezes.

Ten ways to protect the honour of the blessed Prophet Muhammad (S)

The attack on the Paris based satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has left 12 people dead and the trail of destruction that has been left behind is colossal. The repercussion of their brutal and terrorist attack will reverberate in the hearts of people for decades. This is a despicable act of cowardice and grotesque attack on all our freedom.

Do we have freedom to offend?

Do we have freedom to offend? To belittle, to mock, to insult? Yes, we do, here in Britain, but we must accept the possible consequences of our actions. That’s what’s happened in Paris.

Where did we go wrong?

Like so many of us, I have been horrified by the recent events that have unfolded in France last week', writes Barbara Down. 'Nearly every day we see on our TV screens violent conflict around the rest of the world, but it has now become more evident as a reality here in Europe too. I fear for our future, wondering where we have gone wrong, that has resulted in people who were born and grew up here hating the system and presumably 'us' so much that they are willing to kill and even die for their cause.'

Participants of Youth Leadership Camp 2014-2015

These are the names of participants of Youth Leadership Camp 2014-2015. Congratulation! ^_^

1. Aria Adi Santieka
2. Riri Rahmawati Zul Prihatini
3. Muhammad Kamil Fadhillah
4. Bela Yunita
5. Samrotul Mufidah
6. Lintang Yasindi
7. Rina Hutriana
8. Peter Heyes (from Canada)
9. Tony Xu (from Victoria, Australia)
10. Ahmad Fikri Arief
11. Aisyah Annas
12. Desihana Rosita Sari
13. Dinnie H. Firdausi
14. Iskandar Finachrio
15. Miftahul Huda
16. Nenden Vinna Mutiara Ulfa
17. Nur Hayati Syafii
18. Rahmad Hidayadi
19. Raisa Amiyatul Hijriani
20. Siti Aminah Bte Muhammad

Canadian Duchess Catherine Montrose had strong connections with MRA/IofC

The Duke and Duchess of MontroseThe Duke and Duchess of MontroseOn a glorious, sun-caressed autumn day in early November 2014, Catherine Graham, Duchess of Montrose, having “slipped the surly bonds of earth,” as her favourite poem expressed it, was laid to rest after a funeral service in the Scottish village of Drymen.

Beyond Forgiving screened at SOAS

On 10 November, the Beyond Forgiving film was screened at SOAS University (School of Oriental and African Studies), a leading institution in London for the study of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Building trust in the heart of community

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Be a trustbuilder

• Listen carefully and respectfully to each other and to the whole community

  • • Bring people together, not in confrontation but in trust, to tackle urgent needs

  • • Search for solutions, focusing on what is right rather than who is right
  • • Build lasting relationships outside our comfort zone
  • • Honor each person, appealing to the best qualities in everyone, and refusing to stereotype
  • • Hold ourselves, communities and institutions accountable where change is needed
  • • Recognize that the energy for fundamental change requires a moral and spiritual transformation in the human spirit