Healing history: creating a new narrative for communities

This second module of the Community Trustbuilding Fellowship is a capacity building process in racial reconciliation. Participants develop a deeper understanding of how history impacts our lives today, and how appreciating shared history can unite deeply divided communities.

Fly by Light

Fly by Light - DC film showing

Initiatives of Change, in partnership with One Common Unity, will host a community screening and conversation in Washington, DC, of Fly by Light, a film by DC filmmaker Ellie Walton and Hawah. Fly By Light explores an intertwined story of four young people growing up in inner city America and the insurmountable odds they face to find hope, purpose, and compassion.

Dismantling privilege

José Carlos Vargas

"In Mexico there is a common belief that we are a society where economic disparities and classism exist, but we do not acknowledge the presence of racism in our culture. Yet in every advertisement, in every TV program, and in the majority of universities, companies and government entities, middle or top officials featured are white, or have a fair skin tone," writes Jose Carlos Vargas (CSP 2005) whose work focuses on social inclusion in Mexico.

Bringing the magic of Caux to India

Bringing the magic of Caux to India, Caux Scholars Program successfully launched its pilot program at Asia Plateau in Panchgani last December 2014. With 17 young scholars from eleven different countries, the first CSP-AP class of 2014 examined fundamentals of conflict resolution, transformation, and peacebuilding, with an added bonus of examining it all through the lens of sustainable development. We are accepting applications now for this year’s CSP-AP program which takes place from 20 December 2015 to 10 January 2016. Applications are due postmarked by September 1, 2015!


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