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South Africa: returning to my second home ... with IofC

Talia Smith recently returned to South Africa, her country of birth, with Initiatives of Change to attend the ‘Freedom – Our Responsibility’ conference and to support IofC South Africa to engage with youth. Talia describes her rich experience, perceptions and hopes for the country and gives a small insight into her South African adventure.

Resilient Leadership: Challenging Business Paradigms

16/10/2014 - 16:00 - 20:45

On 16 October St Ethelburga’s Centre, London will host ‘Resilient Leadership’, which will explore what it means to be a leader and how as leaders we can develop and maintain the capacity to skilfully challenge the status quo and elegantly facilitate change.

Rajmohan Gandhi speaks to a group of Canadians

Rajmohan Gandhi speaks to a group of Canadians about the unique possibilities that can happen in Canada as a part of Looking In, Reaching Out - a dinner and dialogue hosted by Initiatives of Change Canada.

Pressing the Magic Button in the United Nations

On 19 September, three Swedish Initiatives of Change team members performed a sketch entitled '10 remote minutes' at the 2014 Geneva Peace Talks. The sketch centres around the idea of wishing we had a magic button that could instantly fix any conflict.

The Scottish Referendum: A campaigner’s view

08/10/2014 - 13:30 - 15:30

Join us for a discussion on the Scottish National Referendum. This will be presented by Ian Monteague, Chair of Family Action in Rogerfield and Easterhouse (FARE), a leading Glasgow-based community organisation.

Vijay Narain Seth 1944-2014

Cartoonist whose humane and gently satirical work illuminated the foibles and idiosyncrasies of Indian life

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• Listen carefully and respectfully to each other and to the whole community

  • • Bring people together, not in confrontation but in trust, to tackle urgent needs

  • • Search for solutions, focusing on what is right rather than who is right
  • • Build lasting relationships outside our comfort zone
  • • Honor each person, appealing to the best qualities in everyone, and refusing to stereotype
  • • Hold ourselves, communities and institutions accountable where change is needed
  • • Recognize that the energy for fundamental change requires a moral and spiritual transformation in the human spirit