Message from the Executive Director

Jake HershmanI recently joined Initiatives of Change, USA (IofC) as its new Executive Director. It genuinely is a privilege to be entrusted with leading this organization in a way that will honor and accentuate its spiritual foundation while creatively responding to the needs of our communities here in the United States and beyond.
After nearly two decades of living and working in conflict/post-conflict zones around the world, I have become convinced that enduring social change and "peace" will only be possible when it is pursued by ordinary citizens, communities and leaders who draw on transformative spiritual discernment and reserves for their efforts. Going forward, we intend for IofC to accompany those efforts with increased relevance and dynamism. 
For this organization to fully live up to its lofty name and mission here in the US and globally, we are working to instill an organizational process that constantly looks inwardly and outwardly. Are we stewarding our resources to the maximum by leveraging our network and executing convincing, impactful initiatives? How do we know whether our perspective and actions are appropriate for building trust and social cohesion? If determined to be impactful, how do we more strategically detail and share those experiences and approaches? These are some of the questions we've begun grappling with within the IofC team as we map out our collective next steps. 
At a pivotal moment within this country and internationally, we sense that our change agenda is appropriately ambitious. Of course, we'll need your support and presence to make it happen. I already have heard extraordinary stories about many of you and again, I'm looking forward to identifying ways that your partnership with IofC can be strengthened as we move forward.   Jake Hershman, Executive Director 

Organization and Finance

Initiatives of Change was incorporated in the State of New York in 1941 under the name Moral Re-Armament. A Board of Directors is responsible for policy and for legal and financial affairs. Goals, strategies, and priorities are set through open and ongoing consultations with those who seek to live out and apply the values and approaches of Initiatives of Change.

Initiatives of Change (Moral Re-Armament) is classified by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) organization, gifts to which are tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Annual audited financial statements are provided by Keiter, Stephens, Hurst, Gary and Sheaves, PC our auditors in Richmond, VA. Audited statements are available upon request.

While foundation and corporate support for Initiatives of Change plays a significant part in the overall finances, it is the faithfulness and generosity of our individual donors that continues to make our work possible.  With a long history of volunteerism overhead expenses are kept to a minimum. Many volunteers give the priceless gifts of time and talent.












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