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Conference report
Healing History national press release
Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial April 1, 2015​
Connecting History and Social Change

Rob Corcoran"What can we, as a global community, learn about how to heal the wounds of history, understand the legacies that keep us apart and generate energy for building healthy inclusive societies?" This is a question Rob Corcoran asks in an article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, printed on April 5, the day before the Healing History conference. Read more

The spark that keeps societies going

“In order to create equitable, just and sustainable communities we need to build trusting relationships across difference that enables people to have sustained commitment over time,” said Martha McCoy, executive director of Everyday Democracy, opening a session on "Mobilizing the Moveable Middle," April 9. Read more

What does inequality mean to you?

“Inequality deeply impacts all of us,” said Ellen Robertson, a member of Richmond City Council, in her opening statement to the international audience of the Healing History conference, April 7. "What does inequality mean to you? How do you define it? How can we address it as we move forward for what we know is right and what makes a just society?” Read more


Never fully accepted into society

“The closest link to who we are is where the person who birthed us was born,” said Mee Moua, president and executive director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice, at a breakout session on "Identity, Immigration and Citizenship" at the Healing History conference. Mee Moua, who came to the US with her parents from Laos, became the first member of the Hmong community to be elected to the Minnesota State Senate. Read more

Who owns the lake and the boat?

Mike Smith, Head of IofC UK’s Business Programs chaired "Sustainable Inclusive Economic Development." One participant Lawrence Bloom, former Intercontinental Hotel Group Executive Committee member and now Chairman of Be Energy, remarked “It’s not just about teaching someone how to fish, but who owns the lake and the boat!” Read more

The beginning of the journey not the end

“We need to talk about hope as we talk about history,” stated the president of the University of Richmond, Dr. Edward Ayers, at the opening plenary of Initiatives of Change’s (IofC) three-day Healing History: Memory, Legacy and Social Change conference. Read more