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Trustbuilding: An honest conversation on race, reconciliation, and responsibility   By Rob Corcoran   Price: $20.00
(2010, 312 pages, Hardcover, University of Virginia Press  ISBN 978-0-8139-2875-3)

Trustbuilding book coverThis is the compelling story of how Richmond, Virginia, a former slave market and capital of the Confederacy, has become a seedbed for interracial dialogue and trustbuilding. It is part historical narrative and part handbook. This model of dialogue and community change, developed by Hope in the Cities, has been adopted nationally and internationally. In his foreword, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine writes, “it has moved what looked like an immoveable barricade… and has  provided a map for the future.”  Trustbuilding includes case studies from several US cities, South Africa, France and the U.K.  Read more about the book and reviews.




No Enemy to Conquer - Forgiveness in an unforgiving world
By Michael Henderson    Price: $15.00
 (2009, 198 pages, Pbk, Baylor University Press, Texas   ISBN 978-1-60258-140-1)

No Enemy to ConquerProminent Christian, Jewish and Muslim publications have stressed the timeliness of these stories about men and women of different faiths and cultures reaching out to those previously deemed 'enemies'. There are profound contributions from Archbishop Tutu, Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks, Benazir Bhutto and the Dalai Lama as well as scholarly input from different American universities. Donald Shriver, President Emeritus, Union Theological Seminary, writes, "Need a strong dose of hope for the future of the human race? Read this book. Its stories are balm for those who struggle over the mystery of evil in human affairs and will make you stand in awe of the mystery of the good.Link to Michael Henderson's website.




On the Tail of a Comet: The Life of Frank Buchman

By Garth Lean             Price: $15.00
(1988, 590 pages Pbk, Helmers & Howard, Colorado   ISBN 0-93944307-4)

On the Tail of a Comet by Garth LeanThe authoritative story of Frank Buchman, initiator of Initiatives of Change. Buchman’s story starts with a small-town American who sets out “to remake the world” and in the attempt affected the moral and spiritual condition of thousands of people at every level of society throughout the world. From war-torn Europe to civil war in China, from the rise of black nationalist independence movements in Africa to the civil rights hotbed in the U.S, in the lives of great leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Konrad Adenauer, and Harry Truman – Buchman’s remarkable influence kept turning up. “Buchman was one of the most charismatic and influential leaders in the Christian world during the twentieth century. Until Garth Lean’s biography was written, the story of Frank Buchman had never been fully told…"   James I. McCord  Templeton Prize Winner and Chairman of Princeton’s Center of Theological Inquiry. Link to the searchable version on-line