Alumni Scholarship

At the CSP reunion held in Caux in 2008, an alumni focus group agreed on the need for a greater number of participants from countries directly affected by conflict. Our hope is that the recipient of the CSP Alumni Scholarship will return to his/ her home country, after benefiting from training in conflict transformation and peacebuilding, and act as a seed for peace by contributing directly to the peace process. Photo for CSP website

After the reunion, a passionate appeal was made to the participants to make this proposal a reality by creating this fund which would sponsor one scholar from 2009 onwards. US $1,400 was raised among four scholars within three days. Find out how to help raise the funds for this scholarship.

This scholarship provides US $3,800 for the tuition fee and US $1,000 for air travel if enough funds are raised. Additional appeal letters for contributions have been sent to all Caux Scholar alumni.

Eligibility criteria

1. National of a country that is affected by civil or armed conflict. Please note that candidates with nationality (dual nationality) or permanent residency in a developed country do not qualify for the scholarship.

2. Active engagement in creating peace and mitigating conflict.

3. Demonstrated financial need.

Application requirements:

In addition to the CSP application, please submit a one page essay on the following topic:

How are you currently engaged in creating peace in your country? What, in your opinion, are the qualities needed in peacemakers who seek to break the cycle of hatred and resentment and unite people across barriers that have historically divided them? (You may wish to refer to the IofC website; its history and stories of individuals who have helped heal conflicts in their countries for ideas)

Deadline: March 3, 2018

Selection Process: A committee of 6 (4 alumni and 1 member of the CSP staff) grades each applicant. The top three candidates are selected and interviewed, in person or by phone, upon which the final candidate is selected.

2018 Scholarship Recipient

Afsaneh Seifinaji is from Iran. She is a peace agent/coach and a change maker from Iran. She studied Masters of International Relations in one of the best universities in Iran and currently is a democracy and human rights fellow in Taiwan Foundation for Democracy and also a peace coach/ coordinator in World Peace Initiative Organization. She is a women empowerment mentor in creative girls organization based in Africa and is working through making her community a more peaceful place to live. To achieve this goal, she conducts workshops regarding sustainable peace and conflict transformation 101 in Iran and also teaches inner peace online through peace revolution project.  She did her internship in United Nations Headquarter in Iran and she is seeking to deepen her knowledge in positive change making process in conflict affected areas.


2017 Scholarship Recipient
Andre LuganoAndrea Lugano (28) is from Argentina. She is a medical doctor, graduated from the National University of Córdoba. She is currently working in the emergency department of two local hospitals and taking up postgraduate studies on adult medicine. Next year, she will start to specialize in maternal and child health care for four years. Her ultimate goal is to work for organizations that assist populations in crisis by giving them the tools for sustainable development, respecting the life and rights of every human being. She actively participates in a non-profit organization called “Grupo Misionero Tola” which carries out health and recreational interventions on disadvantaged local populations in Córdoba and the northwest of Argentine territory. She has the support of two women’s leadership organizations, the international ‘Vital Voices’ and the local ‘Mujeres que Avanzan’ (Advancing Women), and they both promote the increase of women as leaders boost the growth of their communities.

2016 Scholarship Recipient
Ehsan FteyihEhsan Fteyih from Syria, has nine years of experience with UNHCR Agency, he has an undergraduate and higher diploma in Agricultural engineering from Aleppo University. Ehsan volunteered with UN volunteers program in Syria in Mar 2007 to contribute to humanitarian development through working with UNHCR to assisting Iraqi refugees in Syria. He worked as Community Service Assistant and as Registration Case Worker with UNHCR in Syria for providing humanitarian assistance and international protection to refugees, asylum-seekers and internally displaced people. Ehsan have interviewed and registered over +17580 Iraqi and non-Iraqi refugees and asylum-seekers, provide them with legal advice and counselling, identification vulnerable cases and address their needs. He also participated in conducting needs assessment to refugees and internally displaced people via conducting home visits and participatory assessment for community. He was deployed in an emergency mission in Tunisia to assist and protect rights of refugees and asylum-seekers, who fled to Tunisia, Shousha Camp during the Libyan crisis.

2015 Scholarship Recipient
Leila Younes, from Lebanon, is a graduate at the master’s program, "Childhood Studies and Children Rights" at the Free University in Berlin. She is a passionate advocate for children rights and she believes in the vital need to empower children and enlarge their spheres of influence in the world. Leila has initiated several research studies and projects with children especially with the refugee and stateless children in her home country, Lebanon. She is interested in how children perceive themselves and perceive other groups in a political and social context. In her projects, Leila has focused on the perceptions and representation between Lebanese and Syrian refugee children in Lebanon, on working-children’s views on the policies around child work and on the perspectives and needs of the stateless Bedouin children in Lebanon. At the moment she is working as a consultant with the International Rescue Committee on a project which aims to empower married adolescent girls in Lebanon.

2014 Scholarship Recipient
The 2014 CSP alumni scholarship is awarded to Diana Franco from Colombia. Diana holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology from the Universidad del Norte and is currently a teacher at the University del Rosario in Bogotá. she also conducts a social program in the Colombian Society of Psychoanalysis, providing pro bono psychological and psychoanalytical consultation.

2013 Scholarship Recipient
The 2013 CSP alumni scholarship is awarded to Chochanmyei Oo from Myanmar(Burma). She is currently doing undergraduate studies in Economics and Human Rights Advocacy at Utica College in the US.

She writes: "After graduating from high school, I started getting involved in community service by working as a volunteer in adult literacy programs. During my college years in the United States, I worked in many organizations, which helped foster my understanding of diversity and build leadership skills. I am a programming intern in the Women’s Resource Center.  I help host many different types of programs that bring to campus education about women empowerment, reproductive health, and community development. Currently, I am organizing a workshop called Start Smart, which focuses on the wage gap of women and Domestic Violence.

Due to my service in the college and community, I was recognized as a Global Changemaker by the British Council. Therefore, I received a grant to run my community project, which is named Project END. The project provides knowledge to local Karen Refugee women to run their small businesses such as the Weaving project.

I am planning to do further studies on public policy or higher education administration. I would like to work in the research sector or in advocacy work. Though I tend to be a shy and quiet person, I am very outspoken relating to human rights issues and beliefs about humanity."

2012 Scholarship Recipient
The 2012 Alumni Scholarship recipient was Ismail Modawiy from Sudan. Ismail has a Master’s degree in Humanitarian and Conflict Studies from Juba University, a diploma in Human Rights and a Bachelor of Law degree from Khartoum University. He is a Member of the Sudanese Bar Association.  Beginning in the autumn of 2012, he is pursuing a LLM Master’s degree in the Rule of Law for Development at Loyola University of Chicago, Rome Campus. 

He says: “CSP has increased my ability to analyze conflict and has led me to participate in (studies) in transitional justice, law reform, human rights, and a democratic reform agenda.  I am involved in developing, planning and implementing activities relating to the reform process, including research and the development of materials to support reform and other democratization activities. “

“My experience in crisis areas contributed to my efforts to solve my country’s problems.  The crisis continues within the border areas between Sudan and South Sudan, (around) sharing oil resources, the pipeline from South Sudan to Sudan and the demarcation of the border.  In Darfur people are still suffering. Millions have been forced from their homes and 2.7 million people still rely on food aid for survival.  I believe that Darfur is a test for the international community.  We cannot look away.

“The Caux Scholars Program includes a strong emphasis on the psychological and relational aspects of conflict and the necessity of personal transformation for true reconciliation to be achieved.   Through class sessions and participating in the Initiatives of Change conferences helped me learn how to welcome personal change in order to initiate a global change for peace.”

2011 Scholarship Recipient
The CSP Alumni Scholarship was awarded to Ednah Kang'ee from Kenya. The CSP Alumni Selection Committee was impressed with her qualifications and outreach in her community. Already she has been asked to teach a class at the University of Nairobi about the subject of this year's program "Exploring Justice: Transitional, Restorative and Aboriginal Applications.'"

Ednah writes, " I have completed my Masters of Arts studies in Armed Conflict and Peace studies from the University of Nairobi, where I also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a diploma in Public Relations. In addition, I hold a diploma in French from Alliance Française. I participated in the launch of the Kenya Women Manifesto, giving civic education to the grassroots and engaging in youth activities in bringing about community development. It is a great honour to be nominated for this coveted award and I believe that the Caux Scholars will mould me to effecting social change for a better Kenya and a better world. It is my duty to gain this knowledge and disburse it through teaching at university, organizing justice and peace dialogues, reaching out to the marginalized about peace until world peace is sustained. I will also use the tools from Caux in bringing healing and building a future for Kenya.'"

2010 Scholarship Recipient:
Asifa Amin KoulAsifa Amin Koul is a journalist in Indian-administered Kashmir. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science and a Master’s degree in Mass Communications and Journalism. Asifa developed her initial journalistic experience through internships at various news corporations, including the Srinagar office of Agence France Presse, an international news agency. She was selected to participate in two critical workshops, Building Peace, Ending War and Conflict Reporting in Switzerland and Nepal respectively.

In addition to her accomplishments as a journalist, Asifa has worked as Art director, producer and editor of Belaus, an 8-minute film on communal harmony that won a National award at the Indian Jehangirabad Film Festival in 2006. Having grown up in conflict-ridden Kashmir and as a witness to the male-dominated arena of Kashmir journalism, Asifa chose to be a journalist to highlight human rights issues, and in particular women's rights.

Upon receiving this year's CSP alumni scholarship, Asifa commented: “It is really a great feeling to be selected for this prestigious scholarship. I hope that Caux will broaden my understanding as a young journalist about how media can be a part of conflict transformation by involving all members of a community including women—the neglected stakeholders of conflict. Upon my return home, I will work on implementing the tools I take from Caux towards building people’s trust in justice and peace.”

2009 Scholarship Recipient:
Jeevan Amarasingham has been selected as the Caux Scholar alumni scholarship recipient for 2009. Jeevan is from Sri Lanka, which has endured civil war for almost 26 years.  He works as the Senior Program Officer for the Foundation for Co-Existence, which promotes coexistence in communities throughout Sri Lanka.  Upon receiving the scholarship, Jeevan commented "this is amazing news and I consider it nothing short of an honor to have been selected on scholarship. I very much look forward to doing justice to this opportunity, not just as part of the program but also the change we envisage bringing to the world over the long run." He hopes that CSP will provide him with “tools, skills, knowledge, courage and experience to go beyond a mere understanding of the [core issues] and move towards bringing real tangible change to human lives that need it."