Films and videos

There is a growing library of Initiatives of Change videos on YouTube.


The Frank Buchman can be purchased through the online store here. 


There is also an IofC archive site on Vimeo


What is IofC?

Trust Begins Here

(Karen Elliott Greisdorf Photography, 2014, 12 minutes)

This video by Karen Elliott Greisdorf highlights the history and global network of Initiatives of Change and explores the foundation of its trustbuilding work in the United States.


Other videos of interest:

Hope in the Cities: Calling Richmond Home

(Karen Elliott Greisdorf Photography, 2013, 6.31 minutes)

Through voices from around Metropolitan Richmond, Calling Richmond Home highlights the impact made by Hope in the Cities over the last 20 years.

Caux: The Door is Open
(Karen Elliott Gresidorf Photography, 2014, 1.06 minutes)

Caux: the door is open is an invitation to explore Initiatives of Change's conference center in Caux, Switzerland. Step through the door and encounter the world in this gathering place for global peacemakers and trustbuilders. 


Videos about the Caux Scholars Program

CSP: First Person
(Karen Elliott Gresidorf Photography, 2014, 2.34 minutes)

The Caux Scholars Program is a one-month summer peacebuilding institute in Switzerland that equips young global leaders to be change-makers in their societies. This short video is a look inside the program through the eyes of the scholars.

Peacebuilding Unpacked
(Tim Hall, CSP 2013, 3.08 minutes)

This video by Canadian filmmaker, Tim Hall, (CSP 2013), shows the key elements of the Caux Scholars Program (CSP): the fusion of theory (head), practice (heart), diversity, "embodied learning" and more. The aim is to create partnerships between CSP and different universities. 

Caux Scholars Program
(Giang Hoang, 2012, 8.54 minutes)

Caux Scholars Program (CSP), a one-month summer course in Conflict Transformation taking place in Caux, Switzerland. Highlighting the learning experience at Caux, this video juxtaposes French Resistance leader Irene Laure (1948 post-war Europe) with a 2011 scholar who grew up during the Civil War in Lebanon.


Films available on DVD

Beyond Forgiving

(Imad Karam, director, Howard Grace, producer, IofC UK, 28 minutes)  $25

He ordered retaliatory massacres.  Her daughter was killed. This award winning film depicts the true story of two South Africans trying to move beyond their pain towards forgiveness and healing. Watch the trailer. Please use this US Order form. There is also a short study guide available to use with the film.






Healing the Heart of America
(Cornerstone Productions, 1993, 27 minutes) $15

Healing the Heart of America DVD cover

In June 1993, citizens of Richmond, Virginia - the former capital of the Confederacy - initiated “Healing the Heart of America: an honest conversation on race, reconciliation and responsibility.” Joined by people from 50 cities around the US and the world, they gave recognition to unacknowledged sites and events in the 370-year history of black-white relations. This is the story of their walk through Richmond history. This film is also available on YouTube


The Imam and The Pastor and An African Answer

Two DVD Set (FTL Films) $45
Non-profit use license $80
Institutional/government educational license $300

When many in the world are wondering whether friendly relations are possible between those of Muslim and Christian background, the Nigerian protagonists of these two films emphatically assert that they are. In the 1990s, Pastor James Wuye and Imam Muhammad Ashafa led opposing, armed militias, dedicated to defending their respective communities as violence broke out in Kaduna, northern Nigeria. Now the two men are co-directors of the Muslim-Christian Interfaith Mediation Centre in their city, leading task-forces to resolve conflicts across Nigeria.They are now engaged in peacebuilduing work across Africa. View a trailer of The Imam & the Pastor.  Download an order form or order and pay online through the Payment portal. Please add $5:00 for shipping and handling.



For the Love of Tomorrow - The Story of Irene Laure

(FTL Films 44 minutes, Three language version) $25

This film is used around the world in classes on peacebuilding and reconciliation. Twice in Irene Laure’s lifetime her country, France, was invaded by Germany. She was a nurse and fought in the Resistance, seeing women and children die. In 1945 she was elected to the Constituent Assembly and became Secretary General of the Socialist Women of France. In 1946 she had a transforming experience that redirected the course of her life. She went on to play a significant role in the post-war reconciliation of France and Germany.


Other videos on YouTube


It's About Trust

This riveting short film invites viewers into a conversation on the role of trust in their lives from the personal to the global. Created by photographer Karen Elliott Greisdorf (KEG Photography) this video is a great kick-off for a dicussion about trust.

Unpacking the Census

Hope in the Cities facilitators share their experiences using regional census data to raise community awareness of the historical impact of policy decisions on the dynamics of race, class, and jurisdiction. Facilitators also propose suggestions for future actions to address issues of poverty as a legacy of these policies.