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Building a team is one of the hardest and most neglected aspects of any community change process.

There are many kinds of teams: teams that come together to accomplish a particular task or project; informal networks that connect with each other for mutual support; and organizational partnerships that collaborate and share resources. There is also the everyday teamwork with those in our workplace or neighborhood.

(Photo: Karen Elliott Greisdorf)

Effective teambuilding draws on the other three other steps described in the process of Trustbuilding: the courage to begin with change in our own lives; open dialogue with people who are different from us, and private and public acts to acknowledge and to repair broken relationships and to restore for historic wrongs.

Initiatives of Change is built on the strength of diverse teams who are committed to working together and to demonstrate the relationships of trust that are needed in the world.

Building & Maintaining Diverse Teams and Networks

This is a workshop that has been used successfully in different cultural settings in U.S. Canada, Europe, South Africa, and Brazil.

Participants learn how to:

  • Create and sustain teams and networks that bridge traditional boundaries of culture, politics, religion, race and class.
  • Explore methodologies to engage people of different views as allies and build shared visions.
  • Understand and appreciate how a team is enriched by different personalities and styles.

The workshop is highly interactive and can be as a one day or in a multi-modular format.

Personal inventory of teambuilding styles
Tips for maintaining a team