Some of the outstanding films of IofC, and before that MRA, have been collected and uploaded to an archive site on Vimeo. These films are available for free personal viewing. Licenses are required for non-profit, educational, government or commercial use. Please contact

Recently added films:


The Crowning Experience 

Originally a play based on the life of Dr Mary McLeod Bethune, the pioneering educator and civil rights activist who became an adviser to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Give a Dog a Bone 

A theater play for children originally written by Peter Howard and adapted to the screen. It is the story of a dog, his master (a boy), his master's family and a man who comes from the space.

The Forgotten Factor

Filmed as a theatre play this story describes the conflict between trade unions leaders and factory directors though two opposing families.

Jotham Valley

A story about 2 brothers in the west of the United States, who deal with hatred and griefs, leading Jotham to close the water supply for the whole valley.


This feature film, writen by Afircans, tells the story of the struggle for independece in an Afican nation.

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