The NextGen Global Action Initiative

The NextGen Global Action Initiative is a live, connected, and creatively responsive network of more than 1,000 IofC alumni in 109 countries transforming communities from crisis to wellbeing.

For nearly 100 years, Initiatives of Change has generated a deep multi-sector presence around the world, connecting community leaders, expert facilitators, and social influencers through practiced methods in trust building, peace activism, conflict de-escalation, trauma wellness, and restorative justice. Through our key programs - Caux Scholars Program Switzerland and Asia Plateau, the Community Trustbuilding Fellowship, and the Narrative Change Collaborative (2019) - our alumni share, learn, and activate strategies in freedom-making, practices of people-centered resilience, and truth-telling tools of self-reflection, accountability, and committed action.

The NextGen Global Action Initiative expresses two things at once. The network is a constellation of persons with varied global perspectives and experiences of resourceful leadership in complex conflict societies. NextGen is an intergenerational space where social solution strategies between alumni across the world can be shared, discussed, developed and retooled to speak to local contexts. The NextGen Global Action Initiative comprises alumni who are generators of powerful change within the communities they live and work. In many ways, NextGen alumni are first responders to crises within communities deeply divided by race, class, ethnicity, religion, and politics.

In the face of conflict, they generate trusted source tools and tactics to disrupt a status quo that values separation, isolation, and polarization. To ensure that our alumni remains connected, sustainable and thriving, NextGen will support members through intentional networking and outreach, opportunity developments, program announcements, resource mobilization and grant funding, communications and marketing assistance, awards and honors, and ongoing capacity building.


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Staying Connected

Alumni, we want to stay in contact with you! Our mission is to support the innovations you are accomplishing. We are committed to continuing our walk together from the inner work of developing full-fledged personal awareness and wellbeing to the outer work of socially transformed communities connected through deep listening, inclusive decision-making, social justice and vital wellness. We recognize that this is a long-term effort that requires compassion, empathy, solidarity and fellowship to be sustainable and thriving.

This page is dedicated to highlighting alumni and the inventive impacts you are making in your communities.

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This open-access archive of works by IofC alumni, partners, and community networks explores key topics in peace leadership, conflict transformation, truth-telling and reconciliation, restorative justice, narrative change, and racial healing.