Our Approach

IofC offers a unique opportunity to make a difference where you are. It is hard work. But it is an investment that pays dividends today and for generations to come.

Join us now and contribute to a better world for tomorrow.

The life you change won't just be your own!

Trust begins here


Four-point process for trustbuilding

1. Starting with yourself

It is easy to point to where others need to change but perhaps the best place to start is with yourself. Run a virus scan on your life to detec the integrity gaps.

Here are tools to help get started. Read more….




2. Healing history

Unhealed history keeps conflict alive. Dealing with the past honestly and honoring everyone’s story can build a sense of shared responsibility for the future.

Here are models for sharing stories and walking through history. Read more

Participants discuss poverty's solutions
3. Engaging everyone in honest conversation

Honest and inclusive dialogue is at the heart of trustbuilding. We invite everyone to step out of their comfort zone to engage in honest conversation.

Here are models for formal and informal dialogue. Read more

Facilitator training4. Building a team

Nothing is more powerful than a diverse group of people working together. None of us have all the skills and experience we need.

We learn most from working with others.

Here are ideas for building and sustaining teams. Read more
Rob Corcoran explains this approach