Trustbuilding: an honest conversation on race, reconciliation, and responsibility

by Rob Corcoran

University of Virginia Press
312 pages
15 b&w illustrations

Trustbuilding by Rob CorcoranThis book is both a historical narrative and a handbook for a model of dialogue and community change that has been adopted both nationally and internationally. At its center is the story of how Richmond, Virginia, a former slave market and capital of the Confederacy, has become a seedbed for interracial dialogue and trustbuilding.

In 1993, this conservative southern city drew national attention with a public acknowledgment of its painful history and a call for "an honest conversation on race, reconciliation, and responsibility." People of all backgrounds launched an unprecedented and sustained effort to address the "toxic issue of race." Known as Hope in the Cities, this endeavor is now in its third decade of work. Trustbuilding extends its important mission by carrying Richmond’s story to communities everywhere.

Rob Corcoran has facilitated dialogue, reconciliation and partnerships among diverse and polarized racial, ethnic, and religious groups in an array of locales in Europe, South Africa, India, Australia and the United States. He is the national director of Initiatives of Change and founder of Hope in the Cities, which models honest conversation and sustained partnerships across traditional boundaries. He has lived with his family in Richmond for 30 years. Download bio here (PDF)

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