The Washington program offers forums, public events, documentary film screenings, receptions and conferences as keys to building trust and understanding across the divides of politics, religion, race and nationality.

This outreach to people in government, think tanks, media and the international community promotes the role of apology and forgiveness in the reconciliation process. It demonstrates the transformative power of individual change in conflict situations. The goal is to model and encourage active listening, quiet reflection and honest conversation – the hallmarks of IofC’s peacebuilding approach.

With a special focus on interfaith understanding programs are design to bring people together across religious divides.

The Imam and the Pastor

The film The Imam and the Pastor about two Nigerian peacemakers, and the follow-on film An African Answer, are challenging people’s thinking about the power of reconciliation and forgiveness and the importance of interfaith dialogue. With the accompanying dialogue guide they form the spring board for constructive interfaith dialogue.

These films have been purchased by numerous universities and faith institutions.
To order the 2 DVD packaged set and dialogue guide.

Read the report of the US launch of An African Answer, sponsored by the US Institute for Peace.

DC Interfaith Network

Initiatives of Change is part of this network of young professionals in the DC area involved or interested in interfaith work. This group is a partner of the 9/11 Unity Walk. Monthly brown-bag lunches at various non-profit venues offer an opportunity to meet with peers who staff many of these NGO organizations. These meetings provide opportunity and talk over similar projects and possibilities for collaboration. It is a place to network, ask questions and share best practices.

Check the calendar of events for upcoming meetings. Call (202) 872 9077 or email

Creators of Peace Circles

Creators of Peace Circles and workshops enable women to embrace their value as peace-creators in family, community and nation, to find inner peace and reach out to the needs of society. As participants share their stories and explore what they can do to create peace, they build new relationships of trust and friendship across racial, religious and social divides.

A Creators of Peace circle is run by trained volunteers. It runs for either a few hours once a week over six or seven weeks, or can take place over a long weekend. It gathers women, representing the diversity of a local community, to work together through material designed to deepen understanding of their peace creating capabilities, and build an atmosphere of trust.

Peace circles have recently started in the Washington, DC, area. If you are interested in learning more about Creators of Peace Circles in the US contact Kathy Aquilina at (202) 872 9077 or email.