US Visit of the International Council of Initiatives of Change

International Council

The International Council of Initiatives of Change is spending the first half of March in the US, first in Washington, DC, and then in Richmond, VA, where they will be seeking new perspectives, models and experiences to help inform their work.

Healing history: creating a new narrative for communities

Community Trustbuilding Fellowship - module 2

The second of the five modules of the Community Trustbuilding Fellowship is a capacity building process in racial reconciliation. Participants develop a deeper understanding of how history impacts our lives today, and how appreciating shared history can unite deeply divided communities.

Journey to Equity

Reverend Alvin Herring

This Trustbuilding Breakfast Forum is co-hosted by the University of Richmond. The keynote will be given by Reverend Alvin Crutcher, director of racial equity and community engagement for the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.

Time for a reset

Dick Ruffin

America’s nightmare is over. Or is it? Toxins infused into the body politic through a protracted and horrific campaign are not easily purged. It was not only the candidates who flaunted basic values of honesty, respect and decency, abetted by a rating hungry media. We, voters and non-voters alike, were complicit, either by our silence, or by what we said or passed on or simply by the relish with which we watched the debacle, like kids at a food fight.

Shifting my focus

Sarah Workman

Sarah Workman has just joined our team. She writes, "One year after returning to Richmond, I am thrilled to be here at Initiatives of Change as the new Development Coordinator. I am inspired by IofC’s rich history of conflict transformation both here in Richmond and across the globe."

Building trust in Europe’s fastest growing city

Hope in Jarva

Last year 160,000 people sought asylum in Sweden, which has welcomed more refugees and migrants in proportion to its population than any other country in Europe. Stockholm is the fastest growing city in Europe. Rob Corcoran spent a week in Stockholm leading a workshop and meeting with community leaders.

Community Trustbuilding Fellowship 2017


This is the first module of a five-part program that increases the capacity of community leaders to overcome divisions of race, culture, economics and politics by creating a network of skilled facilitators, capable team builders and credible role models. Join the 2017 class!

Caux: a place of inspiration

Bruce Myer

An interview with Bruce Myers, participant in the 1992 Caux Scholars Program, back in Caux in 2016 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the program.

Defensive walls or uniting bridges

Andrew Trotter

What ID do you carry? I am not asking about government identification but about “identity”--which has become an urgent topic in Europe and the United States as people respond to divisive and often violent events.


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