Who do I need to be?

How to become an authentic trustbuilder and leader? This is the theme of the first module of the 2018 Community Trustbuilding Fellowship (CTF) which this year has a cohort from across the greater Richmond region as well as from Georgia, Kentucky, Alabama, Washington, D.C., New Jersey and Mexico. CTF is held over five weekends from January to May and develops the capacity of community leaders to become trustbuilders capable of overcoming divisions of race, culture, economics and politics.

Empowered to make a difference

Community Trustbuilding Fellowship

After five intensive modules, the newly graduated Fellows of the 2017 Community Trustbuilding Fellowship are taking their learning into their daily life and work. With a diverse class drawn from six US states as well as one participant from Rwanda, there were sometimes difficult and painful conversations. But in the words of one Fellow, “The container was strong enough to keep us all here.”

Caux Scholars Program

Caux Scholars 2015

The Caux Scholars Program is a multi-disciplinary approach to conflict transformation, transitional justice, and principled leadership. This summer 25 scholars will gather at Caux, Switzerland to learn how to analyze conflicts, to understand the factors that create and sustain conflicts, and provide practical understanding of approaches to resolving conflicts.

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