What does Justice Look Like?

Two Caux Scholar Program 2018 Alumni, Paula Mariane (Brazil) and Osama Alrantisi (Palestine) take us on a meditative journey reflecting on their experiences in the Switzerland program. The videos demonstrate how processes towards inclusive peace take shape through deep connections made with leaders from 19 countries across the world. These bonds created on the mountaintop are soulfully sustained once participants return home by working together to provide solidarity, fellowship and trustbuilding solutions to meet uniquely local challenges.


More info on the Scholars:

Paula Mariane Silva da Costa is a photojournalist based in Campinas, State of São Paulo and a student at the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas. Since 2012, she has been a photography teacher at Young Citizen Project. This course offers classes to young people between the ages of 10 and 17. Besides the basic knowledge of photography, the students have contact with concepts of citizenship, human rights, and social justice. Paula recently concluded an internship for journalists working in conflict areas, promoted by the Center for Peace Operations of Brazil (CCOPAB). In this internship, she experienced hands-on learning in international humanitarian law and human rights. Paula is also author of the photographic series "Laces of Honor: The other side of the Brazilian Army". It is the first time that a civilian woman has reported on the daily life of the Brazilian Army. She has also had two photographs selected among the 50 best portraits category in the Sony World Photography Awards (2016). To see more of Paula's work, check out her website and Instagram channel.

Osama Alrantisi is from Gaza Strip, Palestine living in Sweden. He is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature at Uppsala University in Sweden. He has been involved in IofC from an early age in Gaza organizing activities with his father, also a CSP alumnus. Osama was a Caux Peace and Leadership Programme participant in 2017. He now works with IofC Sweden on a team integration project in Stockholm. He is also working part-time as a motion graphic designer with a local marketing company. Osama has begun an NGO with some newly migrated residents to Stockholm to provide a media platform to share success stories within Sweden. 

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