Happy International Womxn's Day!

Yes to Girl Power!-2-1.png

We recognize and pay homage to the womxn who are leading change within Initiatives of Change USA and around the world! In fact, 80% of our staff and interns are womxn who are creating & sustaining innovative programming resources for communities in the U.S. and in over 60 countries. 

#Shoutout to Abigail Ballew, LaDora Carter, Jitka Hromek-Vaitla, Chelsea Higgs Wise, Sarah Workman, Sionne Neely, Eliana Jimeno, Amanda Barnes, Amy Wiggington and Meghan Mallampati! There are many more dope womxn who serve as scholars, fellows, advisors, mentors, facilitators and experts with our organization.

Thank you for all that you are and do.

#womxnrock #IntlWomensDay #genderequityinaction

*We use the terms womxn and womyn to signify inclusion, fluid identities, intersectionality, and gender-nonconforming individuals and communities.