Registration for Towards an Inclusive Peace (8 - 12 July) Now Open


Part of the CAUX FORUM, this 5-day event connects global human centered approaches to violent extremism. TIP is led by alumni of the Caux Scholars Program and takes place 8-12 July 2019 in Caux, Switzerland. The event has a strong training component that offers a skills building opportunity for all members of the NextGen Global Action Initiative alumni network. Come and learn practical tools for building sustainable peace.

Violent extremism is one of the pressing issues of our times and a major concern around the globe. Towards an Inclusive Peace is a three-year project (2017-2019) part of the Caux Forum that looks beyond security driven approaches to violent extremism. By taking a peacebuilding perspective based on conflict transformation practices, Towards an Inclusive Peace creates a space for the discussion of a human-centered approach to address this phenomenon.

TIP 2019 Event 

The case for prevention of violent extremism is clear - it saves lives. Addressing this global challenge at its roots, including the systemic exclusion and denial of opportunities for others, requires the strengthening of resilience in communities. This can be done by learning how to respond creatively and non-violently to conflict and crisis, and by supporting the process of identity construction of individuals who feel the society has given-up on them, while forging a sense of purpose and community.

Towards an Inclusive Peace focuses on the three principles of prevention: inclusiveness, sustainability and context-specificity. 

Who is Towards an Inclusive Peace for?

  • Peacebuilders from all fields

  • Educators

  • Local and national authorities

  • Community leaders

  • Civil society representatives

  • Everyday citizens building sustainable peace

To register and receive more information on Towards an Inclusive Peace, visit The Caux Forum website.