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Featuring diverse & unique products to support the work of Initiatives of Change USA.
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Disrupting Patterns of Injustice, Weaving Architectures of Change.

For nearly 100 years, Initiatives of Change has been working to uproot deep structures of inequity, injustice, exclusion and division. In an effort to create and amplify systems of thriving change, we interconnect global communities and leaders through sincere fellowship, devoted energy, focused determination, and expansive imagination. As our history demonstrates, IofC has developed strong global communities particularly through the purchasing and sharing of books, music, films, magazines, newspapers, and other artistic productions. 

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A Practice of Creative Equity.

In 2019, we build on our organizational history by launching a new concept shop that integrates our commitment to creative arts as a tangible strategy of facilitation, dialogue and peacebuilding across social divides. By implementing a “creative equity practice”, we are supporting and including the work of artists as a fundamental approach to individual and social change. Our creative equity practice means IofC USA pays artists for their design work and proceeds from merchandise featuring their artworks goes directly to the artist. We begin with the work of two artists - NZILANI SIMU and AMANDA BARNES - with the plan to bring other artists across the world into this fold. Learn more about our featured artists below.