2 DVD Set: An African Answer/The Imam & the Pastor + A Resource Guide for Grass-roots Practitioners

The film depicts the dynamics of an effective, African approach to conflict resolution between rival ethnic groups. It demonstrates that durable, peaceful coexistence between communities formerly in conflict is feasible in Kenya and beyond. Above all, the film gives hope that grassroots communities can reject violence and rebuild peace and prosperity.

Written by Pastor James Wuye and Imam Muhammad Ashafa, the 32-page Resource Guide for Grass-roots Practitioners explains how to optimize the use of the films, An African Answer and The Imam and the Pastor, in conflict situations. It is illustrated with photographs from Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, Nigeria, Lebanon and Egypt.

An African Answer (2010)

Director: Alan Channer
Producer: Imad Karam
Camera: Robinson Malemo & Tony Biwott
Editor: Imad Karam
Post-Production: Tarmak Films, London & InCA, Nairobi

The Imam & The Pastor (2006)

Producer & Director: Alan Channer
Executive Producer: David Channer
Assistant Producer: Imad Karam
Director of Photography: Philip Carr
Second Camera: David Channer
Editor: Ian Corcoran