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Since 2014, The Caux Scholars Program - Asia Plateau (CSP-AP), a 3-week initiative in transformative leadership, has been held annually in Panchgani, India.

Twenty (20) students from around the world are selected for this course that includes forty (40) hours of academic classes, seven (7) hours per week practical work of "Service for Leadership", and area field learning engagements. Similar to the Caux Scholars Program in Switzerland, the CSP-AP deepens the work of practitioners in mainstream disciplines of conflict transformation, legislation and policy, development studies, international relations, and transitional justice through experiential learning tools and engagements with Scholars from 15 or more countries. 

There is now an active alumni network engaged in academics, politics, international relations, NGOs, and grassroots initiatives. The Caux Scholars Program - Asia Plateau teaches students to identify and analyze conflicts, to understand the factors that create and sustain conflicts, and to provide practical methods to diffuse conflicts such as trauma, human rights, and violence against women. Group discussions, individual presentations, simulations, and improvisational performance are methods of interactive learning that are used. The Scholars are also engaged in a wide range of contextual analyses leading to practical ways to bring about sustainable alternatives to conflict. Participants further develop their skills in negotiation, building local capacity and social mobilization by traveling into communities surrounding the Panchgani area of India to listen, learn and exchange active peacebuilding strategies that have proven to work in these field contexts.