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CSP-AP Information

Created in 1967, Asia Plateau - a center for introspection and dialogue - is an international conference center used by Initiatives of Change. Trainings, facilitation, dialogues, workshops, seminars, lectures and courses take place here throughout the year for corporations, the armed forces, NGOs, and academic groups. The focus areas of Asia Plateau are: Trustbuilding Peace and Social Cohesion through Trust and Reconciliation; Ethical Leadership: Developing a Leadership Culture based on Moral Integrity, Compassion and Selfless Service; and Sustainable Living: Economic Justice and Environmental Sustainability by Transformation of Motives and Behavior.

Through sincere interaction with a diverse group of peacebuilders and practical experience in the field of sustainable development, Scholars leave better prepared to address the complex, multi-scale and volatile conflicts they face in their communities. The environment in Panchgani, India, gives space to Scholars to reflect on their own personal and professional journeys, their commitment to honest accountability, service toward building inclusive and just communities, and to securing health and wellness practices for themselves and others. In addition to academic coursework and learning exchanges, Scholars work in teams to help create and continue the unique "spirit of Caux" as they join with other participants cooperatively working together to complete practical daily tasks at the Convention Center residence, including dining room service, cooking, housekeeping, gardening, or reception, for 6 - 7 hours per week.

  • Language of Instruction

  • Program Cost (tuition, meals and lodging):
    INR 60,000 (or USD 1,000)

  • Location:
    Asia Plateau in Panchgani, India

  • Dates of the program:
    December 20, 2019 – January 10, 2020

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