Conference overview

This conference at Caux will develop more effective global civic engagement around overcoming racism, seeking equity, building community by exploring how communities can work together to build trust, heal wounded memory, and create cultures of inclusion and economies that work for all.


Conference Report

Grant Rissler, (CSP 2001) a PhD student in public policy at Virginia Commonwealth University, authored the report of the Healing History conference in Caux, Switzerland. He writes:

In the final plenary of the Healing History conference this past July, Ciraj Rasool, a professor from South Africa, challenged participants to continue a "deep discussion about questioning hierarchy (in the human family). . . as we go down the mountain."

Our hope in drafting this report on the conference, including the embedded hyperlinks, was that it would serve as a door through which you can enter into the conversations that took place at Caux.



As you read the report and explore the links to speaker's presentations, work group reports and videos, I hope you'll ask some of these questions:

  • How does a belief in hierarchy based on race or another quality impact the structures of my community and nation, of the IofC network, of my own thinking?
  • What would changing that belief and structures look like, sound like, feel like?
  • Who around me (physically or virtually) should I be in conversation with about this?

The answers we each develop in our circles of conversation are some of the next steps in this work of healing history and overcoming racism. Perhaps you'll let IofC US know what answers you've discovered in a future column for Breakthrough.

Hard copies of the report can be ordered from the IofC office.

Video of the conference opening

Healing History opening plenary YouTube clip







Photos of the conference