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Caux Scholars Program

A multi-disciplinary approach to conflict transformation,
transitional justice, and principled leadership.

Language: English
Program Fees: US $3800 (covers tuition, meals, lodging)
Location: Initiatives of Change conference center in Caux, Switzerland
Dates: June 26 - July 24, 2015
Participation: Limited to 20 students 
Application deadline: February 27, 2015

Program overview

Since its inception in 1991 the Caux Scholars Program (CSP) has graduated 438 students from more than 100 countries. The program has an active alumni network active in all areas of life - academics, politics, international organizations, grassroots initiatives.

The Caux Scholars Program teaches students to analyze conflicts, to understand the factors that create and sustain conflicts, and provide practical understanding of approaches to resolving conflicts - conflict prevention, negotiation and transitional justice.

Twenty students from around the world are selected for this four-week course held in Caux, Switzerland, during the Initiatives of Change global summer conferences. The program includes approximately 40 hours of academic classes, seven hours per week of “Service for Leadership” practical work, a field trip to Geneva and participation in the Caux conferences.

Frequently practitioners see conflict resolution, development and humanitarian relief as distinct areas of practice. In reality, these fields are intrinsically intermingled. Embracing a conflict transformation lens can make humanitarian and development projects more sustainable. CSP trains practitioners of mainstream conflict transformation and transitional justice perspectives to improve their work, regardless of their programmatic specialty.

While CSP is not affiliated with a university and does not offer credit, it is often possible for participants to secure credit through their own institution, in consultation with their professor and pursuant to their requirements. CSP is willing to assist in this.

To get an better idea of the Caux Scholar experience view this short video made by Tim Hall (CSP 2013)

Peacebuilding UnpackedPeacebuilding Unpacked

Meet the class of 2014
Special alumni opportunity August 8-13, 2014

The 2014 Caux Scholars Reunion (August 8-9) is linked to the International Peacebuilder's Forum (August 10-13) in Caux. Both will provide a wonderful opportunity for CSP Alumni to revisit the power of transformation on a personal basis and hear many stories about how transformational peacebuilding processes are being attempted globally. Barry Hart, former CSP academic director writes:

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2014 Caux Scholars Report

Find out more about the 2014 Caux Scholars Program.
Read the report.




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Applications are coming in for the first Caux Scholars Program to be held at Asia Plateau, the Initiatives of Change center in Panchgani, India. Twenty scholars from across the globe will gather for this intensive three-week academic course that runs from December 28, 2014, to January 16, 2015.

Through role playing, teambuilding and conference organizing, the 2014 Caux Scholars combined traditional education with practical application. The 19 scholars from 16 countries brought great diversity to the program. They discovered more about other cultures, built relationships and found personal and professional inspiration.

Potential leaders from different corners of the world known as Caux Scholars climbed up the Swiss mountains to come together and to learn about global peace-building processes by sharing their experiences with new scholars coming to the Swiss city to share their experiences of trauma and conflict.

The Caux Scholars Program offers a multi-disciplinary approach to conflict transformation, transitional justice, and principled leadership.


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