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CSP Objectives

The Caux Scholars Program provides practitioners with interconnected learning experiences demonstrating how peace building works within complex, volatile and multi-level contexts. CSP is an annual 30-day residential program where a global network of multi-sector experts build solidarity, knowledge and capacity with one another. Scholars will have an opportunity to help create and continue the unique "spirit of Caux" as they join with other participants cooperatively working together to complete practical daily tasks at the Mountain House residence, including dining room service, cooking, housekeeping, gardening, or reception, for 6 - 7 hours per week.

The environment of Caux, Switzerland gives space to Scholars to reflect on their own personal and professional journeys, their commitment to honest accountability, service toward building inclusive and just communities, and to securing health and wellness practices for themselves and others.


The Caux Scholars Program is committed to do the following:

  • Delve into the theories, philosophies, and worldviews driving key global knowledge and practices of peacebuilding, justice, trauma healing, and reconciliation

  • Engage and network with world leaders on topics of Just Governance for Human Security, Ethical Leadership in Business, Towards Inclusive Peace, and a Co-dialogue for Land & Security

  • Examine the historical and cultural roots of contemporary restorative and transitional justice movements

  • Explore traditional, indigenous approaches to justice from regions across the global South and North

  • Integrate and apply practical skills of sustained dialogue to nurture constructive social change in deeply divided societies


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