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Practicing Inner Work and Outer Work


The unique defining factor of this Faith Rooted Revolution is the core belief that the work of both minding and maximizing momentum is enhanced by building relationships. The key relationships are our relationship with the truth of our faith, our relationships with those with whom we do the work of justice, and the relationships with those members of the community we wish to impact. Therefore, Faith Rooted Revolution possesses two vital approaches, Minding Our Momentum and Maximizing Our Momentum. Minding Our Momentum involves the inner work of justice of correcting the mental and spiritual conditioning of historic inequity. Maximizing Our Momentum involves the outer work of correcting the conditions of historical inequity.

Through field interviews, we find that community leaders and faith organizations seek programming that can show people of faith how their societal conditioning has misled their theology. Community leaders also desire opportunities to collaborate with other community organizations attempting to remedy racial inequity in Richmond and escape the silos where they often operate. In response to our field interviews, we have developed programming to focus on the inner work (Minding our Momentum) and outer work (Maximizing our Momentum) to honestly and responsibly shift the cycles of our city. Inner work focuses its work on equipping participants in minding their momentum in how they contribute to either sustaining or changing the stream. Outer work programming is focused on maximizing the streams of resistance throughout various organizations and attuning ourselves to trustbuilding and collaboration.

The Faith Rooted Revolution is designed to bring participants to a common language, understanding, and community to correct the mental and spiritual conditioning & conditions of Richmond’s racial history of inequity.