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With its currents permeating through the micro and macro systems of Richmond, it will take a sustained multi-systemic stream of revolutions to change the cycles of our city. These are the powerful streams of faith that we are continuing to organize in the Faith Rooted Revolution. These heroes of faith had an understanding that the whirlpool of history couldn’t be changed by operating within silos. 

The Faith Rooted Revolution is about building sustained streams of resistance that create a revolution of justice, community, and equity. FRR engages the power of faith as a catalyst to change the historic cycles of inequity in Richmond - cycles churning false human hierarchies of value based on race. This is a sustained movement that allows us to embrace truth-telling processes that can disrupt cycles of structural inequality in Richmond.


Would you like to join in our Faith Rooted Revolution?

Stay tuned for upcoming programming where we invite you to listen, learn, and discover how embracing a multi-systemic approach can help us sustainably change the cycles of our city.

Get involved! Email Allan-Charles Chipman, IofC USA’s FaithRooted Organizer & Strategist, at to discuss how best to connect up.