LISTEN IN: IofC USA Launches Call & Response, a New Podcast Series

Call & Response podcast flyer.png

Today we are happy to announce the launch of CALL & RESPONSE, a new podcast series hosted by Initiatives of Change USA. Here we have frank, open and insightful conversations with everyday innovators leading change in their communities.

CALL & RESPONSE: Episode 1 introduces the newest member of our IofC USA team, Eliana Jimeno, who is the Program Director of the NextGen Global Action Initiative. NextGen is an exciting new movement that will connect over 1,000 alumni of IofC USA's programs operating in 109 countries. This includes the Caux Scholars Program (Switzerland), Caux Scholars Program-Asia Plateau (India), and the Community Trustbuilding Fellowship (Richmond, VA USA) .

In this episode, Eliana speaks with Dr. Sionne Neely, IofC’s Director of Marketing & Communications, and shares her journey with IofC as an alumna of the Caux Scholars Program; her work of managing the alumni-led Towards an Inclusive Peace event (8-12 July 2019) as part of the Caux Forum; and what excites her most about the NextGen Global Action Initiative. We are excited to welcome Eliana to the Initiatives of Change USA team!

Learn more about Eliana Jimeno, Program Director for the NextGen Global Action Initiative:

Eliana Jimeno is a professional with over 13 years of experience delivering results for social change in the peacebuilding, development and human rights sectors. Eliana has an extensive track record working with government agencies in her country, Colombia, in areas including public policy, inter-agency cooperation, and victims’ reparations. In addition to serving as a program manager coordinating a regional team implementing a program funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the International Organization for Migrations (IOM), Eliana has strong fieldwork experience developing local projects and building local capacity. She delivered training to about 600 people in 24 different regions in Colombia and supervised an equal number of local projects.

Eliana is a social advocate with the capacity to interact with a diverse array of stakeholders from international organizations, (I)NGOs, to academics, national authorities, and grassroots communities. As a consultant, Eliana has focused her institutional strengthening work in the areas of transitional justice, symbolic reparations, and historical memory. Since 2017, Eliana also serves as the leader of Towards an Inclusive Peace an Caux Scholars Program alumni-led event that is part of the Caux Forum. The event advocates for human-centered approaches to address violent extremism.